Dive Team Operations

The Town of Greenwich is situated in the lower Northwest corner of Connecticut along the coast of Long Island Sound. In addition to the vast open waters of the Sound, Greenwich has a number of lakes, ponds, rivers and streams […]

Dive Team Training

In order to participate on the Sound Beach Dive Team either as a diver or part of the surface support team, all members must undergo thorough training. All members of the Dive Team are also active firefighters with the Sound […]

SCUBA Rescue & Recovery

The Sound Beach Dive Team was founded in the 1980’s and responds year-round to water based emergencies in Town and to surrounding municipalities. The team is comprised of highly trained volunteer public safety divers and surface support personnel of the […]

Collapse Rescue Operations

Structural collapse rescue is defined as the mobilization of resources required to safely and expeditiously locate and remove trapped and often injured victims from partially or totally collapsed structures or environments and the provision of emergency care in doing so. […]