Collapse Rescue Operations

Structural collapse rescue is defined as the mobilization of resources required to safely and expeditiously locate and remove trapped and often injured victims from partially or totally collapsed structures or environments and the provision of emergency care in doing so. Collapse situations can occur as the result of fire, accidents, severe weather, poor building construction or terrorist activity. Structural collapse operations are often extremely dangerous and requires special training and equipment.

SBVFD members install shoring during a training exercise at the GFD training center
SBVFD members install shoring
during a training exercise at
the GFD training center.

Many members of the Sound Beach Technical Rescue Team have received advanced training in the areas of structural collapse operations. The team, with the financial support of the community, has been able to acquire special tools and equipment to aid in locating victims trapped within a structure, including a “Search Cam.” The team also maintains a full compliment of hydraulic rescue tools, lift bags, concrete saws and pneumatic “struts” to help enter and stabilize collapsed (or structurally compromised) structures.

The Sound Beach Technical Rescue Team has been previously called upon by the Town’s Fire Marshal’s Office to help stabilize structures that have been affected due to a fire. In order to conduct a safe investigation as to the cause and origin of a fire, we work with the Fire Marshal’s office to provide initial emergency shoring so that the fire investigation team can work safely within a building.

The team also responded to staging in Valhalla, NY on September 11, 2001 after the attacks on the World Trade Center.

To find out how you can become a member of the Sound Beach Technical Rescue team, please visit our Recruitment section.